FBI and CIA Are Trying to Figure Out How Wikileaks Got Classified Information On its Spying Capabilities

A federal investigation will attempt to determine how Wikileaks got access to the CIA secrets it leaked Tuesday morning, reports CNN.

The probe would focus on who pilfered the files and whether that person was a CIA employee or a contractor.

The FBI and CIA will collaborate in the investigation.

Wikileaks dumped nearly a gigabyte of files through to social media and its website Tuesday, including descriptions of hacking capabilities and covert cyber bases in Europe. Wikileaks redacted names of agents and third parties that appeared in the documents and did not release computer code needed to conduct attacks.

Federal officials have not publicly confirmed the authenticity of the archive of files, but it is being treated as likely to be authentic by current and former lawmakers and intelligence officials.

Many have worried that Wikileaks may eventually release the computer code, which could put smartphones or smart televisions at varying degrees of risk. The attacks listed in the Wikileaks documents by and large are not meant for bulk data collection and often require physical access to devices. Even if code was released, a hacker would need to physically tamper with a smart television to infect it with the CIA’s purported malware.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) immediately called for a Congressional investigation upon the documents’ release.

“I am deeply disturbed by the allegation that the CIA lost its arsenal of hacking tools. The ramifications could be devastating.”

The Hill